Friday, October 30, 2009


There's a great post on about protecting out environment. The movie message in the waves had a huge effect on my life as well. Growing up in Maui I have seen the changes that have happened to this island and the ocean in 20 years I have lived here. I've also realized there is a lot of pleasure in living simply. It is not about depriving yourself of a high standard of living, it's simply being thankful for what you have and not taking more then you need. In pre-contact Hawaii, taking more then you need was strictly Kapu and could be punished by death. No one is perfect, (I drive way too much hunting down surf), but I am constantly trying to lesson the impact I have on our environment. There are really simple steps you can do, like being a conscious consumer or simply picking up three pieces of trash everyday you go down to the beach. It usually takes less then a minute.

Kuleana is loosely translated as a small piece of property or privilege and responsibility.

We all have the right to use the ocean and it is our responsibility to protect it. If we don't we might lose our rights to it. My Kuleana

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