Friday, October 9, 2009

I must be dreaming...

Well, August was amazing September was equally epic, and October is starting of incredible. Everyday this month has been great if you know where to go. Our trades died about a week ago leaving us glassy surf on all shores. The combination of a South, North, and East swell have been keeping the crowds spread out, the last four days I've scored spitting, glassy barrels all by myself!!! Nothing huge, but absolutely epic. I'm starting to get a little surfed out though, we need the trades to come back. Plus it's just too hot without them. Here's a couple pictures Marv took on the first of the month at Hookipa. Looking into the long range forecasts, we are going to have a couple back to back north-west swells probably pretty good size too. It also looks like the southern hemisphere is setting up to send us another swell. This one could be the biggest of the summer season if it pans out.

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