Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Starboard Quads

I've had some time to test out Star-boards Quads, 76,81 and I'm really stoked on them. They are some what of a cross between a single fin, twin fin, and the evo line. I've had them in a range of conditions from head high onshore slop, to over mast choppy side-shore and down the line perfection. The 76 is my favorite, I've never had a board work so well in onshore conditions and also have the ability to go top to bottom vertically. The boards have a whole different "pop" coming of the lip or hitting white water. They allow you to clear sections and make things you normally wouldn't. They're great boards for all conditions.

Spring Break!

Sorry for slacking so much on the blog. It's been a busy couple of weeks, a couple north swells, a good size out of season south swell, mountains of school work, and a busy work schedule.
It's all good now, it's spring break from school and for me that means spending as much time in the water as possible. For Maui, it's another batch of tourists arriving to keep business going until summer, and for us windsurfers it means all the pros are coming. Maui has definitely switched over to spring time weather. It's warmer and much windier. It's also photo shoot time here and the island is quickly filling up with pros who are ripping. It's amazing to see how high the level of sailing gets pushed every year. Today could be a great show at Hookipa, yesterday was a bit too big but I heard a couple people tried. The outer reefs were almost big enough yesterday at Kanaha and I heard they were a little better up the coast.
Should be good fun all week!!

Here are a couple of shots courtesy of GP

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday was fun, but yesterday was the day. Logo high down the line with only two other people out! Checked out kanaha in the afternoon, really knarly. Big waves and really really windy. Excellent conditions all week though. There are some pictures up at Probably more to come.