Wednesday, June 29, 2011


After hurting myself and not finishing last in the contest I had almost given up on sailing for the trip. The forecast was calling for wind but now swell. On our drive up the coast to the Gorge we stopped by the Jetty and scored a little session. The conditions weren't epic, head high, light gusty side side-off wind and rippable. Diego, Russ, and Sam were there already watching it and they weren't very motivated. I got super excited and started frantically unpacking my bags and rigging up. I rigged the new 5.0 Firelight and it was the perfect sail for the conditions. It's one of the lightest if not the lightest sail on the market. The sail is light like the Superfreaks but still has the crisp feel of the Fires. It's extremely easy to sail, and after two hours I still hadn't fallen in. The wind was a little light for everyone else, but for me it was the best session of the trip. Maybe it was because I hadn't hit a lip since February, regardless, I came in with a smile from ear to ear. This same sort of thing happened to me in Morocco. I had given up on sailing for the trip, the forecast was flat, and out of no where a logo high swell came in. If you keep a positive attitude everything seems to fall into place.

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