Thursday, February 10, 2011

Insane!! MUST SEE!!

Go to this link check out the videos.

This is the morning of the 9th. Paddle in at jaws on the right and the left. The video on page 8 is insane!! Congrats to Kevin, Batel, and Giora for getting all the action and the guy who made that drop!!

This is going to change the lineup at Peahi forever. The coverage they are getting for this is going to make all the heavy paddle in guys show up for the big swells. It'll be really interesting. They really should have mentioned Marcio, he's been out there for years. Much respect.

Thankfully the swell had dropped by the time we got out there. More about the mission to come in a later post. I have to finish a mid-term for a public speech class today. A bit weird to have a written mid-term for a public speech class but whatever.

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