Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fear lets you know you are alive.

Don't know who said it but I like it.

This shot is from Francky
Franck Berthuot
Photographer , Videographer, Maui , Hawaii
(808) 3576972

I'm on the injured list again this week with a sore back. Anyone know of a good cheap deep tissue massage?

Check out this new wave pool set up. Just imagine if they could get it a little bigger. Set up some fans with cross-offshore wind for sailing. They just need an unlimited free energy source...

If anyone knows how to post the surfline video on my blog pls let me know.



(Ben) Jamin Jones said...


The answer to your question on the video - yes it can be sort of embedded.

The link to the video itself is
and if you drop that into an HTML5 browser like Chrome it plays. So you can put it into an iframe...

<iframe src="http://media1.surfline.com/2011/02_feb/ncl_wavegarden_oneill_360p.mp4" style="width:650px;height:430px">

Or maybe create you own flash object to play it. Also there are several related videos on Vimeo that you can always embed

Hope some of that helps... Ben

keith said...

Hey Nick, Call Darcy in Kihei for massage, 463-1771. Keith