Saturday, January 1, 2011

The winds coming back!

No post lately sorry, had a bad internet connection and I'm having problems with my macbook. Anyone know where to fix a macbook.

We hiked into the crater last week. Coming out sliding sands was rough. Surfed our asses off as well. Every side of the island and all different kinds of waves.

Tourist season is in full effect, such a feast or famine industry.

Christmas break is almost over, and I'm not ready to go back to school.

Finished Dan Brown's book The Lost Symbol. Pretty standard Dan Brown, but I really like the themes of the book. They talk about how we really are all one and science is slowing proving it. Also, that we need to start thinking of each other as brothers and not distant strangers. Another cool idea is that our thoughts have weight, can be measured, and have an effect on the physical world. All cool ideas for sure. The book is a bit repetitive with they are screwed moments, and then they just barely make it, and then they are screwed again...

Now I'm reading The Wave by Susan somethinrather. Super stoked on it.

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