Friday, January 14, 2011

New Water Park Opening in Kihei!!!

My uncle sent me this picture. This is South Kihei rd. right be the cove and Kalama park. The little bit of road that you can see is the parking lot, the street is completely covered up! So crazy. The water is going to be chocolate over there for a while. Last weeks rain already made the water brown and this one has just added on top of it. The problem over there is that the currents don't run very fast out to sea. Most of the dirty water heads North and backs up in the bay around mud flats. Doo doo water on the North shore clears up pretty quickly although it is really nasty when the estuary that runs out at kite beach opens up. That water has been sitting there for a long time and it's all the runoff from Kahului. If you want to check it out, look into the ditch by costco parking lot. We humans really are vile creatures to the earth...

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