Sunday, May 16, 2010

1st day of Competition

Aloha from Morocco!
Yesterday we had our first day of competition. The conditions were 25 knots and 1 with the occasional 2 foot waves. Great jumping, but not the best waveriding. I was fully powered on my 4.2 Fire and 72 liter OES Quad. The first round had some great action with big backloops, pushloops, and even a couple of doubles! The contest format is very cool, one sailor from each of the five teams sails in every heat. All the competitors sail and judge each others heats. Our team is Kai Kachadorian, Francisco Porcella, me, and our local boy Sofiane. Our whole team are hardcore wave sailing specialists, even our local is one of the best wave riders here. The jumping style of the contest is not the best for us, but after two rounds our team is locked into 3rd place. The most important part is that we are having fun and enjoying sailing with the locals here in Morocco. Today we are getting a little later start, everyone is pretty tired and sore from the action yesterday. We might run another round today, and a small swell is forecasted for next week. Praying for surf here. Check out more of the action at

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