Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mushrooms Session

There is nothing worse then getting skunked on a windsurfing trip.  Whether it's flying half way around the world to sit around for two weeks and not even unpack your gear.  Or if it's just an hour drive it stings all the same.  The excitement that you feel while checking the forecast, packing up your stuff, calling your friends hoping they have a better report then you do all disappear instantly if it sucks.  That happened to me last week, I got stoked for a surf/sail mission only to get completely denied.  Not only did I not get to sail or surf, the lone guy on the beach tells me how good it was the day before.  DAMNIT!!  After that experience I swore to myself that I would not make that same mistake again.  Less then a week after that mission, the reports were looking really good again.  So I packed up all my stuff and headed out again.  Persistence payed off this time and I scored head high buttery smooth waves with five or six turns on each of them.  Stoked!!

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