Monday, December 12, 2011

Antelopes are sneaky fuckers

Here is your stupid video to start off your week.

Antelopes are sneaky fuckers be careful out there.

Sick Body boarding

WITHINcast Episode 2 from LINKtv on Vimeo.

And here is a little poetry written by a good friend of mine.

In one second
Your heart pumps two times
You blink both eyes
You feel awake
You clap your hands
You scream out loud
You turn the light switch on
In one second,
You feel alive.

I. Garden Rest
Thick blanket of emerald grass
Rubs against my back
Cold wet leaves,
Poke every inch of my leather skin

My eyes shut down
Like closed books, no magic goes out
Consumed by the deep black dreams

Rocking back and forth
Feeling every end of each leaf
Shaping it to fit my mold
Parting the green sea

I lie, I breathe, I dream
Morning melodies calling me awake
No more dreaming, open books
Early sunshine

II. Not a Dream
Sun rising to the east
Sweet tender touching morning
Fresh flower smells

Songs of joy welcoming this new day,
Birds moving to the morning rhythm
All over the blue dance floor,
One more day in paradise

Sun kissed day
Hot, bright, shine
Waves roaring on the coast
Some of us dream of paradise

Sundown, time to calm
Moon up, time for her
Night stories and stellar shows
Not a dream anymore
My paradise, my island days

I. March High
You were standing here
Just now, like a vibrant cardinal
Your soul now flies into the vast sky

You sing and laugh
Melodies of pain and regret

Your were lying here
Just now, by my side

Now you march into infinite paradise
You sail the wind, and fly high
Fast, reaching for your piece of sky

How long would it take you
To reach your destiny,
Would you wait for me
To come fly away with you

II. Run away
It reaches you
Pouring like heavy rain
It strikes your veins,
Like thunder lights
You think you are ready,
But you are not
It hits you like cold rushing winter wind
How could you escape?
Run, Run away from it.

Run until you feel no more
Your legs collapse
Into dark pavement
No one will be watching
As you escape away

It must feel good
Don’t worry, we will all run after you

In one second
Your heart stops beating
Your eyes shut down
Something takes you away
Your clap echoes into the vast sky,
You feel no more pain
In one second,
You take that step away

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