Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Website! +Superfreak ME

Hot sails has put up there 2011 website.
Check it out, buy some stuff.

After I wrapped my 4.7 Fire around a few very sharp lava rocks, click here to check out the pictures.

Jeff let me try out a SuperFreak ME. I was a little apprehensive at first, it's Neon green(bright, really bright), completely dacron, and a vinyl window. With a bomb proof mast sleeve and durable Hotsails construction. Before I even got on the water I noticed how light it was. It can be rigged on a 370 which makes it even lighter. On the water it's silent. No crunch and crinkling as you bounce over chops and no flopping of the top panel. It has a soft feel in between the Superfreak and normal mono-film sails. Jumps and aerials have a much softer landing. The sail really shines in powered up wave conditions. It transitions from powered up to neutral and back again very easily. I find that I don't fall as much with it and I'm not as tired after long sessions. It can handle big waves as well as small waves. I plan on always having at least one of these in my quiver. They'll last a long time, and it's fun to say Superfreak ME!

Book Review
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Written in the 30's about the future. People have become mass produced copies of each other who are conditioned to live certain class roles and be happy about it. People are constantly high off a drug called Soma and spend their entire lives filling the status quo. Kind of similar to today. Definitely worth reading though.

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