Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It doesn't get much better then that.

Wow, I haven't seen Hookipa that good for sailing in a long time. No crowds and lining up from middles to the channel on the good sets. Amazing watching Levi and Mark rip. Incredible day, we are so blessed to live in such an amazing place. I've added some pics at the bottom, thanks Andres and Emily for the shots!!

The second half of this post is about kiters. There have been a lot of kiters at uppers the past couple of weeks. I have no problem with kiters, they are searching for the same stoke that we are all looking for. Many of them rip and are really fun to share waves with. There are exceptions of course, but smile and share a wave, we can all get along. There are some really great kiters out there too don't lump them all together with the bad ones.

Yesterday at about 5:00 one of the Italian guys got pounded and lost his stuff at Hookipa. He probably swam the wrong way, and got sucked out the channel. His gear washed into the inside of lanes, where I was de-rigging my stuff. He tried to fight his way in through the channel, but tired out and just started drifting. The lifeguards were gone and he was in a really bad position. At the same time a kiter who came up to Hookipa for a couple waves had his kite deflate. He lost it in the waves and it washed out to sea. Hopefully it won't strangle a dolphin or something...Before you get angry though, this is what he did next, he saw that the guy was in trouble and paddled back out the channel and gave the Italian guy his board. The Italian guy was pretty pooped and couldn't really paddle so the kiter pushed him into waves and stayed with him until he got to the inside. The kiter saved this guys life. Then another kiter swam out to his gear and helped bring it in at mamas. That same kiter helped me off the rocks at lanes. What a show of good seamanship.

Much mahalos to the kiter who saved that guy, and much mahalos to the kiter that helped me get my stuff over the rocks at lanes, I owe both you guys a couple of beers. If anyone knows who they are let me know. I know the hero kiter goes to MCC.

To top all this off, some asshole windsurfer came down to lanes 5 minutes before this and yelled at all the kiters for kiting Hookipa. There were 5 windsurfers out, and the kiters ripped, they weren't endangering anyone. I hope that windsurfer reads this and thinks twice before doing something so stupid.

To the Italian guy, what the hell are you doing out there? Know your limits, especially after the lifeguards leave. You didn't belong out there and I hope you share your story with everyone you know...

Pass on the good vibes...Aloha...

Sharing a wave with a legend

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stephanie said...

You know, after reading your "piece" on dumps I was motivated to write to you the fact, yes, fact you are a quality writer. Your story enhanced with your embellishment of the uniqueness of this lone star nugget off the beaten path enveloped me with an egarness to read the whole story...in the same sitting :) So here you are, putting your appreciated talent to peak the reader's experience while ensconcing himself in the scene feeling the climax building first hand which is what every writer strives for. Good on you, Nick and your ethical nature wanting to keep the peace. Right on...and, when ARE you coming to dinner? we have friends arrving fm Ca tomorrow. would love to have u 2join us perhaps Fri nite. we'll see how they feel about that date. call us and let us know if you're off then and if not, we'll, will face the alternatives then,
Enjoy every amazing day,