Friday, February 19, 2010

Life's good

Just picked up my two new surfboards from Chris Carrozza. He shapes and makes custom surfboards here in Maui. So stoked! Can't wait to get them in the water. There has been some windsurfing this week, mostly "float sessions" at Kanaha and Hookipa. Slogging out through the waves and then surfing them, not much planning conditions. We had one day of North West wind and Pascal and I got some good port tack sailing. I was struggling but he was killing it on his normal tack. I heard Kanaha was fun that day as well. Without a big board, I wouldn't be doing much sailing at all this winter. Thanks Kevin for putting together such a nice video from last week, check it out at We got some new swells coming this week, don't know about the wind though. See you in the water. Aloha

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