Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dumpster Diving

Wow, how about this rain? Scored some epic surf, and have been catching up on the movies lately. The last one I saw was Seabiscuit. It's about a horse, trainer, rich guy, and nation that was down and out. Destined for mediocracy, misery, or being killed, this horse, trainer, rich guy and nation with a little love and determination became something great. It's about not giving up on someone because there a little banged up, every life is precise.

Well, I went dumpster diving this week and scored a 7'5"ish(it doesn't say what size it is) Ole longboard/funboard that was going to be chopped up and turned into filler foam to fix other boards. A classic board that should be on a wall somewhere not chopped and discarded. It needs some repairs but it has plenty of life left in it.

Stay dry here are some videos to hold you over.

This guys mental

Also there is a free download for Walls of Perception here you have to enter your email, but you can stop there emails they send you. I even made it into the background a few times!!